Outdoor Classroom

There is a new addition here at EHS. A classroom outside! Students and faculty alike will be able to use this new shelter to get fresh air while learning. The teachers can teach class outside, under the shelter, if weather permits. They will have to sign up to use the courtyard like they do for the computer lab. Students will be able to use the courtyard shelter at lunch as alternative seating. There is also a sidewalk connecting the art hallway to the lunch room so students can take that path during passing time as a shortcut to their next class. Another bonus is that students will be able to use their Chromebooks outside in the courtyard because there will be wi-fi! The courtyard is 1024 square feet, so it’s pretty roomy but it doesn’t take up the whole courtyard. There are still grass areas for Home Ec to use for grilling and Art classes to use in activities such as spray painting, etc.

The idea for the shelter didn't come from just one person. According to Principal Cody Cusic, the courtyard wasn’t being used to its full potential. Covid provided a unique opportunity to use funds for this development. The project used over a dozen different companies to build it but the whole process was overseen by Red Bird Machinery. The official ribbon cutting ceremony was held on Thursday, October 21, 2021. 

There are already plans being made to use the newly constructed pavilion for a movie night this fall as well as more activities in the spring. Mr. Cusic expressed enthusiastically, “We hope to use this area for our great clubs and organizations that we have!” He added, “We will be working with our student council to continue to find ways to engage students in activities that will utilize this new area.”

The courtyard shelter will be a great addition to the school. It will be a welcome change of scenery and will only enhance the student's learning experience.