Eldorado Unit #4 School District Selected to Receive Energy Transition Community Grant

Eldorado Unit #4 School District receives grant as part of $40 million statewide investment to support communities impacted by plant or mine retirements


Eldorado — Eldorado Unit #4 School District today announced that it has been selected to receive a $729,400 grant from the Energy Transition Community Grant Program. As part of the Climate and Equitable Jobs Act (CEJA), the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) is awarding $40 million in grants to more than 50 local entities that have been impacted by fossil fuel plant or coal mine closures or significant reductions.


Eldorado Superintendent Ryan Hobbs says the funding was somewhat unexpected, but that it is much needed.  “We are extremely grateful to receive such a large award from the Illinois Department of Commerce.  The award is more than we had hoped for, which is always a great result when applying for any grant.  We will be working with the DCEO to come up with a plan on how the district can best use the funds”


Eldorado School District will soon be reaching out to identify dates to meet with stakeholders to solicit input and consult with community members to find the best way to support those most impacted by fossil fuel plant or coal mine closure. After consulting with a diverse set of stakeholders, the district will develop a detailed plan for the grant funding, including a project design and budget which outlines specific intended uses for the grant funds.


The Energy Transition Community Grant Program was designed to meet the needs of individual localities by addressing the economic and social impacts of plant closures. The funding can be used on a variety of initiatives and investments, including workforce development, housing support, business attraction efforts, and more.